At The Liverpool Eye Clinic we strive for excellence in patient care. Patient satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We are always very grateful to receive any feedback and below are some letters we have received from grateful patients.

"I attended Spire for surgery on cataracts ... 

The referral letter from the optician was faxed through on Tuesday afternoon. By the following Friday, 3 days later, I had been consulted about where I would like to be treated and received an appointment letter to see the Consultant Eye Surgeon 3 weeks later. I was seriously impressed by this administrative efficiency. By the end of that presurgical appointment, I was confident that I had the best surgeon & location and the operation was scheduled for 5 weeks later. 

Surgery was performed last Sunday. What an amazing experience! And all thanks to the wonderful anaesthetist, the brilliant surgeon and the excellent nursing & theatre staff. I couldn't have been operated on, looked after or cared for better. The quality of my vision has been hugely improved by this first, essentially painless (for me), operation."

"Bi-ptosis blepharoplasty surgery - I saw my optometrist yesterday and he gave my eyes a very clean bill of health: did not change my contact lens prescription and said my eyes could not be bettered! I therefore feel I should thank you very much for your care and attention and for the very successful outcome from the procedures: looking out of the window as I write , my clarity of vision is quite remarkable. With many thanks and kind regards"

J C 05.07.14

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